Welcome to All Clear Window and Gutter Cleaners

Window cleaning will let the sun shine in.

We remove the debris so your gutters drain properly.

Power washing will clean off moss, dirt and sludge.

We will come to you for a free quote.

This is Fergus, he wasn’t very good at window cleaning so he used to help us in the office.

This is Brody. He works in HR. He is in charge of office morale.

  • Window Cleaning

    Window cleaning is the final touch on house cleaning so keep your house bright and shiny and let the sun shine in.

  • Gutter Cleaning

    Gutter cleaning removes the debris out of your gutters so they can drain properly and prevent overflow.

  • Power Washing

    Power washing is high pressure water cleaning that can clean off moss, dirt, algae, etc. This is a vital safety issue.

  • Free Estimate

    We come do a free, no obligation estimate at each home so we can find out exactly what your job entails.

Welcome to All Clear Window and Gutter Cleaners.
PHONE: 604-519-0678

All Clear Window and Gutter Cleaners has been in business since 1994. We service Vancouver, Richmond and parts of Burnaby. We clean all windows and gutters by hand. We clean residential and low-rise commercial buildings (3 stories or less). We power wash too and are covered by WCB and insured. We”ll do the work so you don”t have to. We want to be YOUR Vancouver window & gutter cleaners!

Window Cleaning

We do window cleaning by hand with no streaks, no drips right down into the corners – and then we wipe the sills. If you want your whole frame of the window washed, let us know and we can add that to your job

Gutter Cleaning

We are careful to not spill debris onto your house and property. We will leave any debris in garbage bags on your property where your garbage goes. We can also wash the exterior surface of your gutters and spruce up the look of your house.

Power Washing

If you have slippery sidewalks, stairs or patios, this is a vital safety issue. We also wash fences and siding and lots of other things to make your house look better and cleaner for spring or any other season. We may recommend doing some jobs by hand if we feel pressure washing isn’t the right action or if there is a possibility of any damage.

Free Estimate

We strive to give you the best job possible. We make sure our guys are fully trained as well as being professional and courteous. But sometimes mistakes do happen, so if for any reason you are unsatisfied with our work just let us know right away and we are happy to come back and fix it. We want to be your favorite Vancouver window and gutter cleaning company.